User Guide

Saving PDFs

Saving with Versions

PDFpen supports autosave and versioning. To restore your document to a previously saved version:

  1. Choose File > Revert To…
  2. From the menu which follows choose between:
  • Last Saved
  • Last Opened
  • Browse All Versions…

Save As

With the advent of autosave and versions, "Save as…" became a two-step process in applications on the latest macOS. There are several ways you can access the Save dialog:

  • Reveal Save As by holding down the Option key before choosing the File menu.
  • Use the keyboard shortcut Shift+Command+Option+S to access the Save dialog.
  • Deselect autosave in PDFpen > Preferences > General. That should bring "Save As" back in PDFpen.

For macOS assistance, please refer to our macOS Help section.

Saving with Encryption

For details see Document Encryption and Security.