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Use the Inspector to align objects and access document metadata information.

PDFpenPro also allows you to specify form element properties and edit document permissions.

To display the Inspector, click the Inspector button in the Toolbar or choose Window > Inspector (Command+Option+I).

Inspector Tabs

Align selected objects horizontally and vertically (Shift-click to select multiple objects to align). Distribute three or more selected objects evenly spaced horizontally or vertically.

Form Elements Properties
(Advanced feature of PDFpenPro). Edit properties for text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, choice fields, list fields, and submit buttons. (Creating Forms).

Document Information
Access the metadata of a document. Add Title, Author, Subject, and Keywords; view Date Created, Date Modified, Filesize, Page Count, Page size, and Application and Producer used to create the document. (Document Properties).

Document Permissions
(Advanced feature of PDFpenPro). Set a password and allowable modifications to the document by a user. (Document Permissions).