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Reading and Navigation
Files views
User Guide
Editing Documents
Create a new document
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User Guide
Markup and Drawing
Highlight and draw your own annotations with the markup tools.
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Using a Pressure-Sensitive Stylus
PDFpen supports the following pressure-sensitive and bluetooth styluses:
User Guide
Getting Started
PDFpen provides many options to access and open a document for editing.
User Guide
How to Export Documents
From Files view: Tap “Select” in the upper right. Tap a document. Tap “Share.”
User Guide
Adding Pages
Adding a Blank Page Choose Edit > Insert Blank Page (Command+Option+B). A blank page will be inserted after the current page. Note: To bypass the stationery picker when inserting multiple blank pages with the same stationery, choose Edit > Insert Blank Page Again or copy and paste pages. (Creating Blank PDFs).
AppleScript and Automation
AppleScript PDFpen includes extensive AppleScript support so that it's possible to automate the PDF manipulation process.