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PDFpen for iPad & iPhone v5.2 Now Supports Creating and Editing Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks are indispensable for referencing relevant content on the World Wide Web. Similarly, in a PDF document, hyperlinks provide users a quick and easy way to link to specific websites or other pages in the same document. Today, the PDFpen team is excited to announce the release of PDFpen for iPad & iPhone v5.2, featuring the ability to create and edit hyperlinks on PDFs.

New in This Version

  • Create and edit links to URLs, email addresses, and other PDF pages
  • Various fixes and improvements

Creating and Editing Links on PDFs

Make PDFs much more interactive and navigable by adding external links to web pages, email addresses, or internal links to other pages in your PDF document with only a few simple steps in PDFpen for iPad & iPhone.

Add, Edit, or Delete Links:

Use the context menu to add a link to content on PDFs
  1. Using your finger or stylus, tap on the text in your document to select for editing.
  2. Once the text is selected, you can limit the selected portion to a word, phrase, line, or paragraph.
  3. Tap and hold the selected portion for a short time to select that word; then, you will see the context menu appear.
  4. Scroll through the context menu and tap “Link.”
  5. Select either “Page” or “URL” to add a destination.

To edit or delete a link, begin by selecting the text where a link was applied. From the context menu, select “Delete” or “Edit Link.” Choose Delete to delete an existing link, or Edit Link to change the destination of a link.

Benefits of Hyperlinks in PDFs

There are many benefits to adding hyperlinks to your PDF document. Links can help readers obtain additional information on a specific topic. Links can also reinforce important points provided in the document. Moreover, links to other pages within the PDF can help readers easily navigate to particular sections in a lengthy document. Overall, hyperlinks not only strengthen document content but helps with reading and digesting information as well.

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