Small Business Software for Editing PDFs: PDFpen

Small business software is affordable software that meets the needs of small teams. PDFpen is an example: it’s the perfect tool for companies that want professional software to edit PDFs on a Mac, but don’t need the complicated features of pricier programs such as Adobe Acrobat DC. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the features that make PDFpen a great tool for small enterprises. But first, we’ll discuss why small businesses might need to pay for a professional PDF editor in the first place.

The best free PDF editor can only do so much

While it might be tempting to save money using free software to edit PDFs, even the best free PDF editor for Mac has limitations. Take Preview, macOS’s default application for viewing image and PDF files.

There are plenty of things you can do on the newest version of the app for macOS Catalina: annotate PDFs; highlight, underline and strike through text; add notes and speech bubbles; add, delete and move PDF pages; password-protect PDF documents (128 bit RC4); and fill out and sign forms.

Unfortunately, there’s also plenty you can’t do. A fantastic tool for personal use, Preview falls short when work requires adding digital signatures to PDFs, validating digitally-signed PDFs, correcting text, redacting and more.

Advanced PDF editing for small businesses

Small business software PDFpen meets all a small business' PDF editing needs.
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For these and other tasks, small businesses need to invest in a professional PDF editor. But which PDF editor is best for a small enterprise?

Adobe Acrobat DC is the most well-known of all paid PDF editors, but its high price tag can be prohibitive for small businesses, solo entrepreneurs and freelancers. 

Luckily, there are less pricey alternatives that better match the needs of small teams. PDFpen is one of them.

What PDFpen can do

Here are a few of the PDFpen features small businesses use the most:

  • Correct text

    PDFpen turns uncooperative PDF files into friendly, easy-to-edit documents. See a typo or outdated content on a PDF document? Edit it as easily as you would a Word document using PDFpen. Curious about PDFpen’s editing capabilities? Check out How to Add, Edit, and Remove Text in a PDF using PDFpen.
  • Redact text

    PDFpen obscures and completely deletes classified information from documents via redaction. This is a must-have feature for lawyers, accountants, doctors and other professionals who handle sensitive client data. 

    You can learn more about redaction and other PDF security measures in How to Secure a PDF Document Using PDFpen. For specific information on how lawyers use PDFpen, check out this article.
  • Sign documents

    With PDFpen, there’s no need for printing, signing, then scanning your signature. Save your signature to the PDFpen Library once, and from then on, you’ll be able to sign documents from your computer, iPhone, or iPad in seconds. Or, sign freehand with the Scribble tool, creating a unique signature every time.

    Note: You can also use PDFpen to apply a digital certificate to PDF documents so that recipients know it’s trustworthy. To learn more about digital signatures, see Signing Documents.

  • Perform optical character recognition 

    PDFpen makes any scan or graphic file editable via OCR, or optical character recognition. Find out more in How to Edit a Scanned PDF Document Using OCR.

PDFpenPro – our even more robust PDF editing solution – comes with even more features. Going Pro enables you to convert websites to multi-page PDFs, create and edit tables of contents, create interactive PDF forms and more.

Small business software should be affordable

Small business software should be affordable.
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A trustworthy alternative to Adobe Acrobat DC, PDFpen has all of Adobe Acrobat’s main features, including the ability to mark up PDF documents and edit both text and images, but comes at a fraction of the cost.

Because it’s a standalone program and not a subscription product, it’s a long-term investment that reduces overhead.

Check out our prices.

Small business software made by a small business

PDFpen is made by Smile, a small business with deep roots in the Apple community. We’ve proudly served our customers, many of whom are also small businesses, for over 16 years and counting.

Staying small keeps us agile and down-to-earth. We build long-lasting relationships with our customers, who have a direct influence on the software we ship.

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