PDFpen and Evernote integration helps students and professionals

Save a PDF Document to Evernote from PDFpen

One great, lesser-known feature of PDFpen is that it can save PDF documents directly to Evernote.

Evernote is a cloud-based service that stores pretty much any scrap of data you have, forever. It saves these bits of information – which can consist of text, images, lists, drawings, and PDFs files – as notes.

You can add titles and optional tags to these notes to make them searchable. You can also share these notes with others.

Evernote + PDFpen Integration for Students and Professionals

For students who already use Evernote to organize their coursework, the ability to save files directly from PDFpen is super handy. With PDFpen, it’s quick and easy to ensure PDFs get filed with related content.

For anyone traveling for work or leisure, the Evernote + PDFpen integration is also helpful. Open e-tickets, hotel reservations and conference details with PDFpen. Then, save them in one single notebook on Evernote. You’ll never have to scramble for your travel documents again.

How to Save a PDF Document to Evernote from PDFpen

Save a PDF file to Evernote with PDFpen.
Save to Evernote window.

To save a PDF document to Evernote, choose File > PRINT > PDF > Save PDF to Evernote… Then, enter the title of your note, the name of the file, and the notebook you want to add it to.

Save to Evernote window.
Save to Evernote window.

Note: The first time you do this, you’ll be prompted to enter your Evernote username and password. If you leave the box checked, PDFpen will remember your login details for next time.


  • You must be online to use Save to Evernote… so that PDFpen can present your list of available notebooks and so that your PDF document can be sent to Evernote
  • When PDFpen saves a PDF to Evernote while the Evernote app is running, PDFpen asks the Evernote app to sync so that your PDF appears in the app immediately.