Signing a PDF

PDFpenPro-DocuSign Integration: Request Signatures via DocuSign

One of PDFpenPro 12’s most exciting new features is DocuSign support. Now, small businesses can request electronic signatures for PDF documents directly from the PDFpenPro interface.

Before the integration

Previously, the process of requesting electronic signatures went like this:

  1. You edited and formatted your document in PDFpenPro.
  2. You downloaded it.
  3. You opened up your browser and typed in the URL for DocuSign.
  4. You entered your DocuSign login details.
  5. You uploaded your PDF in DocuSign.
  6. You entered the email addresses of signers and other recipients and the order in which they had to sign.
  7. You clicked Send.

Now: request eSignatures with just four clicks

Now, getting your contracts ready for signing takes just four clicks. These are the steps for asking partners and clients to docusign a PDF:

  1. Choose File > DocuSign > Upload.
    (You must be logged in to DocuSign.)
  2. Click Open in DocuSign.
  3. Click Add Recipients.
  4. Add the names and email addresses of signers and recipients.
  5. Click Done.

You can visualize these steps below:

PDFpenPro-DocuSign integration

PDFpenPro-DocuSign integration: what you need to know

  • DocuSign support is a PDFpenPro feature.
  • Signing documents via DocuSign is free. Requesting eSignatures is a paid feature, and you need to purchase a plan. See DocuSign’s eSignature plans and pricing.
  • Form fields you create in PDFpenPro automatically convert to DocuSign fields you can assign to signers.

In case you’re wondering…

Are eSignatures legally binding?

Here’s DocuSign: “eSignatures are legally enforceable in most business and personal transactions in almost every country in the world.”  

They’re actually more secure than wet signatures – see “eSignature facts” below.

Companies all over the world – including our own and those of many of our customers in the real estate, accounting, and legal industries – use eSignatures.

Hundreds of millions of people use DocuSign every day to send and sign offer letters, sales contracts, permission slips, rental and lease agreements, liability waivers, and financial documents.

eSignature facts you might like to know

Here are some interesting facts we’ve learned from DocuSign:

  • eSignatures are more secure than you might think: they usually contain more court-admissible evidence than their wet counterparts.
  • In 2003, DocuSign became the first company to offer eSignatures as a business solution.
  • DocuSign has customers in 180 countries.

PDFpenPro and DocuSign: perfect for a paperless workflow

Like DocuSign, we’re in the business of saving paper. We’re thrilled to provide PDFpenPro users with a seamless flow to the world’s leading e-signature service.

Try the PDFpenPro-DocuSign integration today! Upload contracts and invoices to DocuSign directly from PDFpenPro to do business faster than ever.

Download a 30-day free trial.