PDFpen Tip of the Day: Saving Red Ink by Storing Your Scribbles

PDFpen Tip of the Day: Saving Red Ink by Storing Your Scribbles

Markups with PDFpen

We love hearing how you all use PDFpen to help you get work done. Here’s a tip sent in from Tom of West Virginia, on making your own markup scribbles for fast paper grading:

I’m a college English instructor, and I now use PDFpen to mark my essays. I’ve added some of the common English correction marks to the Scribbles palette of my Library and just drag them over to where they’re needed in the student’s essay. I’ve found that by taking the time to make my marks more legible, the Scribbles are much more readable than my own on paper copies. Also, the students now have permanent digital copies of all their written work which they can still print if they wish.

It’s easier for me and students are much happier, too. And think of all the red ink I’ve saved, not to mention paper! The other editing tools with PDFpen are also very useful.

Thanks, Tom, for that tip. If you want to create some reusable marks of your own, you can do so with these steps:

  1. Using the Scribble tool (Cmd+6) draw the notes and marks you want on your PDF. You can set the color of your line before you start writing by using the Color tool in the Object Properties section of the editing bar. To write continuously, double-click on the Scribble tool in the editing bar, when it turns blue, you know it is in continuous use mode.
  2. Once done use the Select tool (Cmd+2) to select the scribble you just made.
  3. Open the Library (Cmd+Y), click the “+” at the bottom, then click “Add selected imprint” (Cmd+Shft+Opt+8).

Now your mark is stored in your Library for fast retrieval. To use your mark, just open the Library, drag out the mark you want, and drop it in place.