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PDFpen for the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is more competitive and regulated than ever before. Today, insurance firms are being challenged to improve the customer experience, increase speed and efficiency, and cut costs, all the while meeting the highest standards for security, compliance, and privacy.

As a result, many insurance firms are optimizing their workflows. They are ditching strictly paper-based processes—and the delays, errors, and extra costs that come with them—for more efficient, simplified document workflows that incorporate digital technology. They are also becoming more digital to enable customers to easily and securely access insurance services on different devices. To accomplish this, many are relying on Smile’s powerful PDF editing tools, which help companies small and large go digital to improve their business results.

How insurance companies use PDFpen


  • New policy applications 
  • Policy quotes
  • Coverage election forms
  • Corporate benefits contracts
  • Agency contracts


  • Claims forms
  • Change requests
  • Beneficiary and power of attorney forms
  • Medical release and settlement forms
  • Policy renewals

Human Resources

  • Candidate recruitment
  • New hire onboarding
  • Contractor agreements
  • Policy acknowledgments
  • Training compliance
  • Benefits enrollment
  • Compensation agreements


  • Procurement
  • Request for proposals (RFPs) and bid packages
  • Purchase orders
  • Master service agreements
  • Vendor contracts
  • Renewal agreements
  • Invoices

Legal and compliance

  • Contracts
  • Nondisclosure agreements (NDAs)
  • State-required forms
  • Audits
  • Outside counsel agreements
  • Internal compliance

IT and Operations

  • Asset documentation and tracking
  • Change forms
  • Authorization forms
  • Access management
  • Incident reporting
  • Work orders

Insurance companies use PDFpen to gain a competitive edge

PDFpen helps businesses digitize their paper-based workflows. Going “paperless” with PDFpen helps insurance companies:

  • Improve the customer experience.
    When documents go digital, customers can access them anywhere, on any device. That means fewer delays and less frustration in signups and renewals.
  • Do more, faster.
    With PDFpen, companies can automate workflows to speed up the process of reviewing and approving applications and claims, policy renewals, and change forms.
  • Meet security and compliance requirements.
    PDFpen helps companies create compliant PDF documents. 
  • Boost efficiency in Operations.
    Digital documents make processes move faster; reduce the risk of human error; improve security and transparency.
  • Increase productivity.
    PDFpen helps insurance companies simplify the process of signing agreements for both customers and agents. Transactions can happen on mobile or/and desktop, with information syncing seamlessly across devices.

Join other insurance company leaders in optimizing workflows

Smile’s PDF editing, collaboration, and form-building tools help hundreds of insurance firms transition from paper-based processes to reliable digital workflows. Organizations and professionals in the legal, medical, and educational fields also rely on Smile’s productivity tools to tackle business challenges and meet user demands.

The ultimate solution for macOS and iOS

The PDFpen Family is a portfolio of PDF editing solutions for creating paperless workflows that includes PDFpen for Mac, PDFpenPro for Mac, and PDFpen for iPad &iPhone. Use these powerful tools to:

Improve the customer experience

  • Enable customers to access and submit documents from anywhere
  • Create interactive forms customers can easily fill on Mac or Windows
  • Enable customers to sign forms from any device

Improve security and compliance

  • Prevent document loss or theft by moving transactions online
  • Password-protect documents
  • Redact sensitive information
  • Validate digital signatures

Do business faster

  • Reduce delays
  • Reduce errors
  • Increase staff productivity

Save resources

  • Find the information you need, faster
  • Make documents instantly accessible
  • Eliminate the financial and environments costs of postage, shipping, faxing, printing, and physical storage

PDFpen: the affordable alternative to Adobe

Transform how your company does business using PDFpen or PDFpenPro. PDFpen is a reliable and secure software program for perfecting business documents, requesting and submitting information, and signing agreements built with cutting-edge technology including the world’s best OCR engine.

Our more robust PDF editing, collaboration, and form-filling solution, PDFpenPro, comes with advanced built-in compression mechanisms; integrates with DocuSign and Evernote; and builds interactive forms.

PDFpen and PDFpenPro have nearly all the features available in Adobe Acrobat—and all the features that insurance companies will ever need to use. Unlike Adobe Acrobat, which is subscription-based, our software programs are sold for a one-time fee. They also come at a tenth of the cost. Check out our prices.

Insurance companies looking to stand out and grow are looking to productivity software to help them do more, faster while providing customers with a better user experience. When they purchase a PDFpen Family tool, they invest in high-quality, reliable software created by a company that prides itself on offering world-class customer service. Smile has deep roots in the Mac community and has served small and large businesses worldwide for over 15 years.

See what PDFpen can do for you. Download a free 30-day trial.