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PDF Callout Tool

The PDF callout tool is one of PDFpen’s new features in version 12. Learn more about PDF callouts and how to use them.

Need to call attention to a specific item or section of a page? Try PDFpen’s new Callout tool:

PDF Callout tool being used to edit and create new callouts.

How to access the Callout tool

To access the Callout tool, select Callout from the Tools menu:

Screenshot of how to access the PDF Callout tool from the Tools menu.

Creating a callout

GIF showing how to create a callout.
  1. Choose Tools > Callout.
  2. Click anywhere on your PDF. A callout will appear. 
  3. To move your text box, choose the Edit tool, then click and drag the box to the desired location. 
  4. To change the size of your text box and either the size or the direction of the lines, choose the Edit tool, then click on the handles to make the adjustments.
GIF showing how to change the size of your callout text box

Changing text box and font colors

You can change the border and background color of the text box as well as the color, style, type, and size of the text font.

1. Use the Edit tool to select the text box.

2. Click the Object Properties tool.

The Object Properties tool can be used to change the callout colors

3. Use the first tab to choose the font color; the second tab to choose the border color; the third tab to choose a fill-in color; and the fourth tab to choose the color intensity.

GIF of how to change the appearance of a callout

Selecting additional attributes

From the “Line attributes” and “Stroke width” menus in the Editing bar, you can change the line attributes and select the stroke width. Choose from five “stroke styles” and ten “line start” symbols. Then, specify a stroke width.

Line attributes menu for PDF callouts

Here’s a sample of what different style callouts might look like:

Screenshot of different styles of callouts.

PDF Callouts: a new way to annotate

As we explained in How to Annotate a PDF Using PDFpen, there are many ways to mark up a PDF. You can add text via text boxes; insert notes and comments; and even scribble directly. 

Up until version 12 of PDFpen, though, there was no way to add a text box and point it somewhere. Now, with the Callout tool, you can point to a section of your document using a text box with an arrow attached. You’ll find callouts useful when annotating documents for use as exhibits or creating charts.