Number Pages using PDFpen 2 on iPad & iPhone

Number Pages using PDFpen 2 on iPad & iPhone

One great new feature in PDFpen 2 is the ability to number pages in a PDF document. PDFpen 2 brings complete, desktop-class PDF page numbering to your iPad and iPhone and includes all of the options from PDFpen for OS X:

  • Vertical Position: top or bottom of the page
  • Alignment: left, center, right, or inner / outer corners book style
  • Format: numbers, Roman numerals, letters, or Bates numbering
  • Prefix, Digits: Options for Bates numbering
  • Starting Page
  • Include number on first page

To access page numbering:

  1. Open a PDF
  2. Tap “Tools” 
    Tools icon
  3. Tap Insert Page Numbers
  4. Select your options
  5. Tap Done

Here’s what the page numbering options look like in action:

Page Numbering Options

If you want to change the page numbering after you’ve added it, just repeat the steps above. Your new numbering will take the place of the old numbering. Details on page numbering are included in the PDFpen 2 online help.

What is Bates numbering?

Bates numbering (or Bates stamping) is a system for uniquely and consecutively numbering the pages of a document to make it easy to identify a specific page. Originally, this was done with a mechanical stamper from the Bates Manufacturing Company. Now, it is a common feature in word processors and PDF editors, and it is required in legal discovery and other fields. To learn more about Bates numbering, see this Wikipedia article.