How To Add Page Numbers to a PDF with PDFpen

How To Add Page Numbers to a PDF with PDFpen

(An updated version of this article is available. Check out: How To Add Page Numbers to a PDF with PDFpen)

Add PDF Page Numbers

In the world of PDFs, the more you can automate to save you time and hassle, the better. When it comes to adding final touches such as page numbers to your document, whether a study guide or a legal brief, PDFpen has the flexibility to help you get it done your way.

PDFpen even supports Bates numbering, a special kind of page numbering system where each number starts with a prefix, regularly used in large legal documents.

Page numbering is supported in both PDFpen for Mac and PDFpen for iPad & iPhone. Both of these apps can sync your documents so that your edits are seamless between devices.

Adding page numbers is not the only thing PDFpen can help you automate in PDFs. Check out our post “How To Automate PDF Actions in PDFpen” for more.

Add page numbers to a PDF with PDFpen for Mac

  1. Open a PDF in PDFpen, then choose Edit > Insert Page Numbers…
    If you want Bates numbering, set the Format to Bates Numbering. Then type your own prefix and starting page.

    • There are a variety of options for positioning.
    • If you want to number only a selection of pages and not the whole document, or use a format of Page # or Page # of #, use one of the Templates in the Advanced Options section.

Watch how to add page numbers in our video “Export and Encrypt.” Start at 0:39 sec to get right to the good stuff.

Add page numbers to a PDF in PDFpen for iPad & iPhone

  1. Open a document and tap Tools in the upper right corner, then choose Insert Page Numbers.
  2. A popup will appear with several options for location of the numbers such as:
    • inner or outer corner location or facing pages
    • top or bottom location
    • regular or Bates numbering
    • whether to include a number on the first page or not
  3. Tap Done to complete the page numbering.