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Electronic Signature Software for Small Businesses

Do you love getting new business, but hate making it official through signing agreements? We hear you. Adding and collecting wet signatures can be difficult, expensive, and painfully slow.  

Adding and collecting electronic signatures isn’t any easier—at least not without proper software. Having to print out a document, sign it by hand, scan it, then send it via email is a hassle. 

The alternative: electronic signature software

There is an easier way, one that eliminates the need for printing and signing by hand. Using this method frees you up to work from anywhere since it doesn’t require a printer, a scanner, or even a computer—you can simply use your tablet or your phone. 

What it does require is electronic signature software, or an app that facilitates signing online. The best applications for e-signing are PDF editors, since adding signatures electronically is one of the things they are designed to do.

Using PDF editors to sign isn’t a clunky, improvised process requiring multiple steps and tools. On a PDF editor, you can both create and sign a PDF document in seconds, either by:

Electronic signature software for small businesses

Using PDFpen, you can add an image of your signature to a PDF and then edit it to make it look professional. You can:

  • Resize or crop it so it’s perfectly adjusted to the document
  • Make its background transparent so that you can place it over a line

You can also:

  • Save it to a library so that you can sign even more quickly in the future
  • Create an interactive field to add a unique and hard-to-copy signature using your finger or a stylus
  • Use an Adobe Approved Trusted List (AATL) certificate to make your documents even more trustworthy to clients and collaborators

PDFpenPro has even more features, including one that makes collecting electronic signatures even easier. The PDFpenPro-DocuSign integration is especially useful when you’re collecting signatures from multiple sources. You can create a document on PDFpenPro and upload it to DocuSign to initiate the signing process. DocuSign complies with the U.S. ESIGN Act and UETA, as well as the EU eIDAS Regulation, and automatically generates and stores a robust audit trail for every agreement.

Small businesses love our electronic signature software

“Another nice feature in PDFPen is the ability to use your digital signature. You can use a scanned copy of your signature and literally drop it in a PDF document before returning it to the sender.”
– David Sparks, MacSparky

“PDFpen does an excellent job of giving you the basic tools necessary for inserting a scanned image of your handwritten signature. In fact, PDFpen offers a simple workflow to create a transparent background on your signature. You have to jump through a few more steps to do the same in Adobe Acrobat.”
– Brett Burney, Macs in Law

“The Library makes it easy to save the signature with the transparent background. Select your signature in the document, then click the + in the bottom left corner of the Library palette. Next time you need to use your signature, you can just drag it into your document.”
– Scott Danielson, envatotuts+

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