Employees using Macs as standard equipment

Deploying More Macs in Your Business? Time to Get PDFpenPro

“When the world changes, business changes too,” says the Apple at Work homepage. That’s never been more true than now.

Even before remote work became the norm, most of the US workforce was already using personal devices for work—91% of employees, according to market research firm Ipsos MORI

And since nearly half of the smartphones used in the US are iPhones, that means that around 50% of the US workforce accesses, stores, shares, and works on enterprise documents on iPhones.

According to ComputerWorld reporter Lucas Mearian, the organic adoption of iOS devices, especially the iPhone, is what’s driving more and more enterprises to incorporate Apple products as standard equipment.

As former Huddle CEO Alastair Mitchell explains, companies are wary of having people walk out the door with confidential data and want to ensure teams can get work done without compromising security.

The easiest solution seems to just supply employees with the Apple hardware, software, and services they want. “If an enterprise issues iPhones and iPads to its workforce as standard, why would an employee need to bring their personal device into the office?” he asks.

ComputerWorld reporter Jonny Evans says that, although the rise of Apple in the enterprise market started with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement and iOS, macOS is also seeing wider adoption in the corporate world. 

Jamf CEO Dean Hager says internal company research suggests that 75% of enterprise users would choose a Mac for their next computer if given the choice. Meanwhile, companies are starting to realize that the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a Mac is lower than that of a Windows computer.

Benefits of using Apple at work

  1. Cost
    Large-scale Mac deployments are cost-effective. It costs three times as much to manage Windows PCs as it does Macs, according to IBM
  2. Support
    Apple supports products for longer, increasing the lifetime value of devices.
  3. Security
    Apple’s platforms are less vulnerable to cyberattacks.
  4. Easy deployment
    Apple devices are easy to deploy and manage. IT can push apps and create Managed Apple IDs, and employees can customize their devices on their own.

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