PDFpen Tip Of The Day: Watermark Your Sensitive Documents

PDFpen Tip Of The Day: Watermark Your Sensitive Documents

Mark, a doctor in Texas, had a great idea about watermarking documents:

Watermarking a PDF is an awesome feature. In the past, I’ve needed to send out my C.V. as a PDF to different agencies, but then they would broadcast fax my C.V. to facilities where I might already be working, irritating the agency with whom I’ve already contracted. Custom watermarking the PDF allows me to attribute to which agency the C.V. came from. How do you do it with PDFpen?

Here are the instructions that we sent to Mark:

A watermark can be an imprint, scribble, piece of text, or even an image with transparency. For example, with a PDF open in PDFpen, drag an image to watermark with onto the first page and position it how you like. Next, choose “Imprint All Pages as First” from the Script menu (right end of PDFpen menu bar), and the watermark will be applied to every page. Note that you can also make a graphic transparent by opening the Properties window, and clicking the color button, and adjusting the Opacity slider, so this way text can show through behind the watermark graphic.

Awesome, indeed. Thanks, Mark, for pointing out another great way to use PDFpen!