PDFpen Tip: Compilations Made Simple

PDFpen Tip: Compilations Made Simple


We got this email from BJ Strass, the publisher of Scooter Rider:

I finally am getting around to letting you know how much PDFpen has helped me out. It has saved me countless hours of reworking and reformatting prior PDFs. I produce a small magazine and after 4 years we decided to offer full year Journals — all the issues for each year in a formatted paperback book available through Lulu.com.

The problem was that over the years we used 3 types of software in the layout, different image formats, and some variation in size format. I tried no less than 6 pieces of software and many, many methods and it began to look like we were either going to abandon the project, due to time, or redo all layout from scratch, then I stumbled on PDFpen. Rather than having to redo everything we did a ‘tune-up’ on each issue in its relative layout software, printed each issue as a PDF, then combined, resized and arranged the entire year in PDFpen. It was great! I give the gang at SmileOnMyMac my grateful appreciation. If you are interested you can see the store at www.lulu.com/bj1056

Thanks again for making a great piece of very useful software, that like a Mac, it just works well.

Our thanks go to BJ for sharing his PDFpen experience–and a copy of TextExpander too! Send your user tips to jean@smileonmymac.com; if we post your tip, you’ll get a complimentary copy of any of our products.