PDFpen Tip for the Day: Stamps

(An updated version of this article is available. Check out: Use Stamps from the PDFpen Library to Label Documents)

Need to put a big red Draft stamp on a PDF, or a Sign Here arrow? PDFpen comes with stamps for just that purpose. The stamps are a type of imprint you can place on your document that is new to version 7 of PDFpen and PDFpenPro and version 2 of PDFpen for iPad & iPhone.

Stamps tab

There are three categories of stamps to choose from, which you will notice when you open the Library window (⌘Y) to the stamps tab. You won’t see these separate categories in PDFpen for iPad & iPhone.

  • Sign here style arrowed stamps
  • Business stamps for things like Paid, Copied, Approved
  • Dynamic stamps for when you need the current date and time in the stamp

There is a fourth category, and that is User Defined. This is where you can make your own custom stamps. (Making stamps is Mac-version only).

Make a Stamp

  1. Click on the + at the lower left corner of the Library window and choose “Add Custom Stamp.”
  2. In the Add Custom Stamp Window, you have a few customizations to make :
    • label, or, what the stamp will say
    • type (Dynamic, Sign Here or Standard Business)
    • color scheme
  3. Click OK to finish and this stamp will be listed in User Defined.

Here are a few sample pictures of what different stamp options look like:

samples of stamps

If you want something more customized than that, you could create something in your graphics app of choice and then import it into the Library by clicking the + in the lower left of the window and choosing Add File. It would be a static image, so no current date and time, and it would be listed in the Custom tab. You might want something like this for your company logo, for example.

If you purchased PDFpen from the Mac App Store then you can use iCloud to sync these stamps over to PDFpen for iPad & iPhone.

As always, if you have any tips or tricks of your own, let us know and we’ll share it.