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Help: Adding Pages

Adding a Blank Page

  1. Choose Edit > Insert Blank Page (Command+Option+B).
  2. A blank page will be inserted after the current page.

Adding a Page from Another PDF

  1. Open both PDFs, the first PDF has the page you want to transfer, the second is the destination PDF.
  2. Show Thumbnail view in the Sidebar by clicking on the Sidebar button sidebar button in the toolbar and selecting Thumbnails from the menu (View > Thumbnails).
  3. Drag the thumbnail of the page you want to tansfer and drop it on the second PDF.
    • Drop the new page anywhere on the page currently on view and it will be inserted before that current page.
    • Drop your new page in a specific location in the PDF by using the Thumbnail view in the Sidebar. (See Sidebar). Hover between two thumbnails until you see a line appear, then drop the page in.

Adding Multiple Pages

You can select multiple pages to add:

  • Select a range of thumbnails by selecting one thumbnail and then Shift-clicking on the thumbnail at the end of the range of pages you want to add.
  • Select multiple thumbnails that are not in a sequential range by Commanding-click on the thumbnails you want to add.
  • Select all the thumbnails in a PDF by selecting one thumbnail and choosing Edit > Select All from the menu (Command+A).

Once selected, drag the pages from the Sidebar of one PDF to another, making sure that you drop them between, before, or after the pages where you want them inserted.

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