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Help: Library

The Library stores scribbles, images and text for quick access and reused. Drag Library items to the current document to insert them.

Choose the Library button in the toolbar to open the Library palette (Command+Y).

Library Tabs

builtins tab Custom tab Proofing marks Stamps tab

library builtins tab

From the Library palette, drag and drop a built-in shape onto a document page, or double-click to add a built-in centered on the current page. Built-ins are also available from the Drawing Tools menu. (See Editing bar)

custom tab

Store objects for future use including objects created with the scribble tool, any drawing tool objects (polygons, lines), markup tool objects (text boxes, comments), or images (pictures, signatures).

proofreading tab

Proofreading marks
Drag these proofreading marks into your document. If you select a stroke color in properties first, any proofreading mark you drag into your document will adopt that color.

stamp tab

Drag stamps into your document. Choose from Standard Business, Sign Here, Dynamic Stamps or User Defined. The name in a dynamic stamp is set in the Editing preferences.

Saving Items in the Library for Reuse

Save frequently-used images and objects in the Library.

  1. Make sure the Library palette is open. (Window > Library or Command+Y).
  2. Select an object (scribble, shape, image, signature or text).
  3. Click the plus (+) button library plus menu at the bottom of the Library palette.
  4. Choose Add Selected Imprint. Your selection will be added to the Custom tab.

The next time you want to use an item saved in the Library, you can just drag it from the Library onto the page.

Library Location

The items in your library are stored in the Library file located here:

    [HOME]/Library/Containers/com.smileonmymac.PDFpenPro/Data/Library/Application Support/PDFpenPro/Library

Increase Library Size magnify button

Increase the visual size of items in the Library window. This does not effect the size of the item once added to a document. Click the button magnify button to toggle regular and large views.

Combining Multiple Scribbles or Drawing Objects into a Single Library Item

  1. Select the scribbles and/or drawing objects you want to store as one: shift-click on multiple items or drag your mouse over the items you want to select.
  2. Click on the plus (+) button library plus menu at the bottom of the Library palette.
  3. Choose Add Selected Imprint. A single item combining the selected objects will be added to the Library.

This feature is useful if you want to save a signature created with more than one scribble.

Importing an Image File to the Library

  1. Click on the plus (+) button library plus menu at the bottom of the Library palette.
  2. Choose Add File…
  3. From the dialog box that opens, choose the image file you want to add to the Library.

Use this is for image files that are not already in your document. If the image is already in your document, you can select it and choose Add Selected Imprint.

Creating a User Defined stamp

  1. Click on the plus (+) button library plus menu at the bottom of the Library palette.
  2. Choose Add Custom Stamp…
  3. From the dialog box that opens, choose a stamp label, type (Dynamic, Sign Here or Standard Business), color scheme and click OK to create a new custom stamp with the chosen values.

The Custom Stamp Preview image area shows what the new custom stamp should look like.

library add custom stamp

Reorder Custom Library or User Defined Stamp Items

Reorder the items you have stored in the Custom library or in your list of User Defined stamps with drag and drop. Click and drag an item up or down the list. A blue line indicates where it will drop.

Removing a Library Item

  1. Select the item you want to remove
  2. Click on the minus (-) button minus button at the bottom of the Library palette.

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