MacMania: A Sea of Macs

Messina, a port city in Sicily, was a short but sweet stop. I got off the boat just to wander around the town, rather than get on a tour bus. It’s tempting to take one of the many excursions offered through the cruise line, but it’s great to get out for some exercise and fresh… Read More »

MacMania: Jean's Excellent Mac Adventure

MacMania 8 cruise. I am supposed to have some access to the internet on the trip so I’m planning to post stories and photos right here. I’ll be on Twitter as well. I’ll be putting my new MacBook Pro through its paces, and will have my Sony MiniDV and Canon PowerShot cameras with me. If… Read More »

SmileOnMyMac at Metromac and LIMac

MetroMac in the city and LIMac on Long Island. It was a great chance to meet current customers and hopefully win over new ones. (And I got to pretend to be Britney Spears with the headset microphone.) With Chris Bastian, MetroMac president, at the Apple Store in Soho LIMac demo: “Better Living Through Software” With… Read More »

PageSender is 5 years old!

(That’s like 50 in shareware years!) PageSender was launched 5 years ago today. The “fax software that really works” was released by Smile Software (the “smile” in SmileOnMyMac) at a time before fax capability was built into Mac OS X. Though faxing was later added in OS X 10.3 (Panther), PageSender’s full feature set, stability… Read More »

PDFpen from Coast to Coast

Sean and Andy at the Apple Store in NYC: Going to the Apple Store to pick up one of those cute color iPod Shuffles? Look for PDFpen on the shelves, and take a photo we can post. Send them to