WWDC 2017 Wrap Up

Smile made its way to WWDC again this year, moving with Apple’s change of venue from foggy SF to sunny San Jose. While the location may have been different, the bedecked buildings, faces and coffee shops were all the same. (Coffee shop = lots of). Shout out to the Social Policy coffee shop for over-taking… Read More »

PDFpen Tip for the Day: Stamps

(An updated version of this article is available. Check out: Use Stamps from the PDFpen Library to Label Documents) Need to put a big red Draft stamp on a PDF, or a Sign Here arrow? PDFpen comes with stamps for just that purpose. The stamps are a type of imprint you can place on your… Read More »

Smile Goes to Yosemite (The Conference)

(Or, Way Too Many Smileworthy Things In One Blog Post) Last week Smile was proud to sponsor Yosemite by CocoaConf. Not just an excuse for us to make our own Yosemite desktop art, this intimate get-together featured speakers from the world of development and design, relating valuable learned life experiences. (Need help dealing with burnout?… Read More »

App Camp For Girls!

This summer, I took a four-month sabbatical from my work at Smile to launch App Camp For Girls, a program that teaches girls ages 12 to 14 how to brainstorm, design, build, and pitch iPhone apps, mentored by women developers. The idea had been percolating for some time. If you’ve ever attended a developer conference,… Read More »

MacMania 10: Geek Tourism 101

A home away from home for Mac geeks. Don’t worry, Philip and Greg. I am not moving to Bermuda and getting a job at the iStore. :-) The iPad is not officially for sale in Bermuda yet, so these demo models have been played with a lot. Here are a couple Danish guys I met while… Read More »