Case Study: Tim Ferriss & PDFpen

Apparently, people like the idea of a short work week, the shorter, the better. That helped Tim Ferriss’s first book, The 4-Hour Body, become a huge best-seller. An authority on working smarter, not harder, Tim is always looking for a better way to do things. For the promotion of his new book, The 4-Hour Body,… Read More »

PDFpen Tip of the Day: Export PDF to MS Word to PDF

(An updated version of this article is available. Check out: How to Export a PDF to Word and Other Microsoft® Formats) There and Back Again, a PDF Tale You can make a lot of changes to PDFs in PDFpen for Mac, editing typos with Correct Text, redacting sensitive information, replacing images, and more. But PDFs… Read More »

Set Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in PDFpen or PDFpenPro

(An updated version of this article is available. Check out: Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in PDFpen) If you frequently use a menu command in PDFpen or PDFpenPro which doesn’t have a keyboard shortcut, wouldn’t it be great if you could assign it one? Here’s how: Make note of the exact name of the menu command… Read More »