Press Photos, Round 2

wrote of her difficulties in securing good press photos of Philip and me. She posted the photo I sent her of me swimming with dolphins in Ixtapa, Mexico. I was particularly pleased with Janet’s comment in my defense. In that spirit, I submit these pictures for consideration by readers of our humble blog. Greg at… Read More »

iChat AV for the rest of us

Mac Book can give you an inferiority complex. You see the beautiful people using their iSights to hold a virtual meeting. We are not the beautiful people, and I guess that’s why we look so blurry in iChat. Yeah, yeah, those people in the ads are clearly younger, smarter, more successful, and having more fun… Read More »

Parking Ticket and PDFpen

On October 19, 2005, Yunor and I went to dinner at Philip’s new place in San Francisco (he had just moved down from Portland a month before). On our way home, we found was a parking ticket for $50 for having parked for more than two hours in a particular spot. The ticket claimed we… Read More »