PDFpen Tip: Math Margin Notes

For a long time I’ve wanted to be able to add math margin notes to a PDF. With OS X’s PDF-based display, this seemed like it should be possible, but Acrobat doesn’t do it. It cannot accept PDFs that are drag/dropped or pasted. I was even considering writing some tool to do it, but I… Read More »

Mac Computer Expo: Fun in Santa Rosa, CA

Mac Computer Expo, a great event put on by the North Coast Mac Users Group (NCMUG). We did demos of our software, and got to talk to lots of Mac users. Greg the intrepid demo guy Lots of interest in SmileOnMyMac Jean, Greg, Philip

PDFpen Tip Of The Day: Watermark Your Sensitive Documents

Mark, a doctor in Texas, had a great idea about watermarking documents: Watermarking a PDF is an awesome feature. In the past, I’ve needed to send out my C.V. as a PDF to different agencies, but then they would broadcast fax my C.V. to facilities where I might already be working, irritating the agency with… Read More »

MacForce Summer Blast in Portland

And me at the SmileOnMyMac table with Edward McNair, who teaches at MacForce. Edward taught the first web design class I ever took, back in 1997. He’s the one responsible for making a Mac user out of me.

First Annual SmileOnMyMac WWDC Party

Last night, we held our First Annual SmileOnMyMac WWDC Party: From left to right: Philip Goward (SmileOnMyMac), Jean MacDonald (SmileOnMyMac), Ken Case (OmniGroup), Chris Saldanha (Parliant), Jayson Adams (Circus Ponies), Alberto Ricci (Ovolab), and Kevin Hayes (Parliant). [Photo taken by Greg Scown (SmileOnMyMac).] A little background on our fellow developers: OmniGroup, based in Seattle, ships… Read More »