Smileworthy: SpamSieve

For the second entry in our new “Smileworthy” category, in which we highlight software we like and use from other software companies, we chose SpamSieve. Like our first entry, LaunchBar, Philip, Greg and I all use this. It is another application we would not want to live without. SpamSieve will keep your email inbox nearly… Read More »

PDFpen at the Alderwood Mall

Here’s a photo at the Apple Store in the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood, Washington, north of Seattle. Being Labor Day, we took my young friend Clara for some final back-to-school clothes shopping. I spotted the Apple Store, and Clara graciously posed for me. Clara might not know what a PDF is, but she does know… Read More »

Smileworthy: LaunchBar

LaunchBar from Objective Development. All three of us use LaunchBar and none of us can imagine using a Mac without it. With LaunchBar, you can instantly access applications, documents and information from most anywhere on your hard drive. When I think how I used to go to the Finder, open a window, click on the… Read More »

PDFpen and the iPhone

It was a fairly painless experience. My buddy Edward and I went over to Pioneer Place mall in downtown Portland at around 2 pm, and we were about 80th in line. What stunned me is that within a half an hour of the store opening at 6 pm, we had our iPhones and were out… Read More »

PageSender 4.0: Listen to Your Customers

five years in business shipping PageSender, that lesson is: listen to your customers. You folks are great. You use the product, buy the product, tell your friends about it, and you tell us what you need. We shipped PageSender 4.0 this Tuesday, and it seems to have gone over well. You’ve asked for spam filtering… Read More »