Use Stamps from the PDFpen Library to Label Documents

Need to put a big red Draft label or a Sign Here arrow on a PDF? PDFpen comes with stamps for that. You can find stamps and other categories of visual items in the PDFpen Library.

Stamps from the PDFpen Library

Types of stamps from the PDFpen Library

There are four categories of stamps to choose from, which you will notice when you open the Library window (⌘Y) to the Stamps tab.

Note: You won’t see these separate categories in PDFpen for iPad & iPhone.

Standard Business

Standard business stamps are stamps you would use in business documents. They include:

  • Approved
  • As Is
  • Completed
  • Copied
  • Faxed
  • Final
  • Scanned
  • Sold
  • Confidential
  • Departmental
  • Draft
  • Experimental
  • For Comment
  • For Public Release
  • Information Only
  • Not For Public Release
  • Preliminary Results
  • Expired
  • Not Approved
  • Paid
  • Top Secret
  • Void


Dynamic stamps are Standard Business Stamps that also include a name, a date, and a time.

Sign Here

Sign Here stamps are placed in a document to indicate where the person is supposed to sign.

User Defined

User Defined are custom stamps you create.

Changing the name, date, and time on stamps

To remove or change the name on a Dynamic or User Defined stamp, choose PDFpen > Preferences > Editing. Then, in the Editing window, uncheck the box that says “Add name to annotations.” To change the name, simply type in the new name. The date and time are pulled from macOS. You can find instructions for setting the date and time on your Mac here.

Making your own stamp

Note: Making stamps is only possible on a Mac.

Custom stamp
  1. Click on the + at the lower-left corner of the Library window.
  2. Choose “Add Custom Stamp.”
  3. In the Add Custom Stamp Window, choose the following:
    • Label: what the stamp will say
    • Type: Dynamic, Sign Here or Standard Business
    • Color scheme: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple or Salmon.
  4. Click OK to finish. Your stamp will be listed in User Defined.

If you want a stamp that’s even more customized, you can create a file in your graphics editor and import it to the Library. To import a file, click the + in the lower left of the window and choose Add File. Your image will be listed in the Custom tab.

Note: As this will be a static image, adding the current date and time isn’t possible.

If you purchased PDFpen from the Mac App Store, you can use iCloud to sync these stamps over to PDFpen for iPad & iPhone.