Student uses PDF portfolios to keep study materials in one place

Use PDF Portfolios To Keep Study Materials in One Place

You have a test coming up next week and need to prepare. Problem is, your study materials are all over the place. You have the notes you took from class somewhere in your desk drawer, a couple of academic articles somewhere on your computer, and a few chapters you need to reread in a book that’s…underneath your bed?

When your study materials are scattered, information invariably gets lost. Which is a shame, since some sources of information—notes you took in class, for example—are not easily recovered. 

And even if you only lose your study materials temporarily, the time you spend looking for them is time you could be using more productively.

Keep all study materials in one place

There’s a way to keep your study materials organized so that, when you need to write a paper or study for an exam, you have everything you need in one place: it’s digitizing your documents and storing them together as individual files.

The best way to do that is to add them to a PDF portfolio. A PDF portfolio is a PDF container of files (of all kinds). Say you’re doing research on sea lions. You might create a PDF portfolio titled “Sea Lions” and add these files to it:

  • Manatee.jpeg
  • Marinemammals.ppt
  • SeaLionFactSheet.doc
  • UseofHarborSealsandSeaLions.pdf

They’ll stay as individual files—you’ll be able to open, read, edit, and format each one independently—but they’ll be part of the same portfolio, which will not only make it easier for you to access and use them, but also make it less of a hassle to share them with others.    

Create PDF portfolios using PDFpenPro

Create PDF Portfolio is a PDFpenPro feature that enables you to:

  • Store related files in one place so you can keep study materials organized
  • Share related files with others without sending multiple attachments

When creating PDF Portfolios in PDFpenPro, you can choose to:

  • Add files of all types so you can integrate photos, text documents, and presentations 
  • Create folders to keep files even more organized
  • Preview files without having to open them to save time

“With the portfolio tool, you can turn multiple PDFs into a single, manageable package—a huge benefit for anyone who has to work with requests for proposals (RFPs) or any other intensive document-compilation process.” 
– Steve Sande

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