Merge PDF Files and Stay Organized in Your Paperless Law Office

To stay organized in a paperless law office, you need to merge files. Here’s why.

Saving and sending related documents as separate files isn’t the best way to stay organized and efficient in your paperless law office:

  • When legal files are saved separately and in different formats, it’s harder for you to find, access, and search them. 
  • It’s also harder for recipients to deal with them since they have to download them individually and try to make sense of them. 

Ultimately, not grouping related files can result in the loss of documents and in filing errors, both of which can be costly. 

Merge PDF files

Storing and sharing related documents as separate files is messy. There is a better way: You can combine multiple scanned files into a single PDF. For example:

“You might want to combine a legal brief with all the sworn declarations supporting that brief, and then send one combined file to your client or others,” business attorney Jennifer Anderson suggests.

Some courts actually require that you combine related files. 

But that’s not all. With a powerful PDF editor, you can create customized PDF files that meet your exact needs, as Anderson describes:

“One of the greatest modern conveniences is the ability to manipulate multiple documents into one cohesive masterpiece. For example, we can clip small portions of documentary evidence out of a larger piece and then drop them into a separate document that we’re composing. This practice is especially handy when we need to do things like highlight one clause from a contract within a brief arguing the validity of that contract.” 

Merge PDF documents with PDFpen

A professional PDF editor gives you the flexibility to edit PDFs as well as create  customized PDFs with content sourced from multiple files. With PDFpen, you can:

  • Merge two PDF files
  • Add pages from one PDF file to another
  • Reorder pages in combined PDFs
  • Extract pages to create new PDFs
  • Combine multiple PDFs using AppleScript

What PDFpen users say about combining PDFs

“There are many other ways to merge PDFs with PDFpenPro. (…) Once you get the hang of it, merging and bookmarking a PDF doesn’t take much time at all, and the benefits of not having to mess around with PDFs all over the place are huge.”
– Brooks Duncan,

“If I have a group of PDFs I’m going to be working out of a lot, I combine them into one and make a TOC with PDFpen.”
– Eddie Smith,

“If all you need is to insert a page from another PDF or merge small files, Apple’s native utility won’t let you down. But if your document contains any scripts, annotations, or custom changes, you will have trouble saving it. This is where PDFpen comes to the rescue.”
– Tetiana Hanchar, Setapp

Try combining PDFs with PDFpen today

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