Combine PDFs to Create Personalized Study Materials

Struggling to use the information in lengthy PDFs?

As a student, you often have access to more information than you actually need and are able to use. For example, you might have access to an entire journal when all you need is one article in it. You might have an entire book, anthology, or magazine when all you need is a chapter, a story, or an excerpt from it.

The problem with lengthy PDF files is that they’re hard to skim and engage with. Think about it: Would you rather preview and annotate an individual article or an article that’s buried somewhere within a 1,000-page document?

Not that you can’t work with bulky files. You can. If the document has a table of contents, you can navigate straight to the page that’s relevant to you. If it doesn’t, you can always use Command+F to do a keyword search that points you in the right direction. 

These workarounds are helpful, but they don’t transform your experience with these PDFs. The PDFs remain cumbersome, intimidating, and uninspiring to work with—not the best qualities for reading material you want access often and learn from.

Combine PDFs to create personalized resources

Luckily, there is a way to create slim and fully relevant study materials from these original, bulky sources. Through this approach, you’ll eliminate a lot of the hassle and frustration that comes from having to integrate information from multiple lengthy files. The materials you create will be easier and more pleasant to work with, making you much more likely to learn from them.

So how do you create personalized resources, exactly? By taking PDF files apart and mixing them in new ways. PDFpen has the tools you need for the job. You can use PDFpen to:

  • Merge PDF files to condense related material into a single PDF file
  • Extract pages from one PDF and add them to another to create a unique blend
  • Delete pages from a PDF to keep only information you need
  • Crop sections of a page, and either delete them or turn them into new pages to add to another PDF

PDFpen users love to combine PDF files

“If I have a group of PDFs I’m going to be working out of a lot, I combine them into one and make a TOC with PDFpen.”
Eddie Smith

“Once you get the hang of it, merging (…) a PDF doesn’t take much time at all, and the benefits of not having to mess around with PDFs all over the place are huge.”
Brooks Duncan

Use PDFpen to combine PDFs today

PDFpen allows you to take PDF files apart and mix them in new ways. Combining PDF files is as easy as dragging and dropping, and is a way to customize study materials to meet your needs.

PDFpen has other handy features for students—explore them all by downloading a 30-day free trial.